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Eczema Cream: What You Need To Know

Eczema Cream: What You Need To Know

One of the most common skin allergies in the United States is eczema, which is characterized by inflammation and itchiness of the skin. Although it is far from being considered a debilitating disease, it is known to cause major discomfort and uncanny persistence. This ailment is usually brought about by exposure and contact to certain allergens that trigger an unusual reaction from the body’s immune system. Children often fall hapless victims to eczema than adults, although it can afflict individuals from any age. Statistics show that there are roughly around 15 million Americans suffer from eczema, and 10 % of the children population has atopic eczema, which can be closely related to asthma and hay fever. Eczema creams are popular over the counter medications used to treat red swelling and to keep the skin hydrated.

Eczema treatment

Skin the symptoms usually manifest in the skin, the primary factor in any treatment of eczema is to relieve the inflammation and itchiness and at the same time alleviate discomforts associated with this condition. Among the popular brands in the market are the Elidel and Protopic and any other hydrocortisone eczema creams. Most of these products are mild enough to be used on the face and for babies. However, for severe cases that would normally require stronger and more potent steroids, it would generally require a prescription.

In acute eczema cases among infants and toddlers, it is not advisable to apply potent creams as this may trigger other health complications and may cause thinning of skin and stretch marks. Parents are advised to use natural creams for eczema that are gentle enough to be used on the baby’s skin. A lot of health professionals recommend the use of emollient as the best eczema cream for babies. This should be considered as the primary line of treatments for infants as it effectively moisturizes the skin and significantly reduce swelling and itchiness. Emollients are also known to be safe enough for frequent use and a generally great alternative to prescription drugs that are too strong for baby use.

In the case of adult eczema, it would normally require a stronger medication, especially in severe and persistent cases. However, the Food and Drug Administration has recently released a warning for the use of cortisone creams can perpetuate certain types of cancer. This created quite a stir among health care providers and patients who have used the product on a long-term basis. Other eczema cortisone cream side effects include elevation of blood pressure and blood sugar, weight gain, bruising, and the body’s susceptibility to infections. While this chemical ingredient plays an important in the treatment of skin allergies and other inflammatory diseases, it can pose some health risks if used on extended periods. Which is why the FDA has advised that cortisone products along with tacrolimus and pimecrolimus should only be used as a secondary line of treatment or if the patient is unresponsive to other forms of prescribed medications.

With the rising medical concerns, other natural eczema creams are available as an effective alternative to synthetic drugs. Among the best brands in the Natural Eczema Cream that can be used as often as three times daily. A single tube can last up to 25 days, without having to worry about the ill effects. Like other prescribed medications, it offers instant relief from any discomforts and itchiness and is even gentle enough to be applied on children’s skin.

Some people are known to suffer recurring symptoms of eczema throughout their lifetime. The natural remedy would certainly be a healthier approach than mainly relying on harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good in the long run. Still, the best-known remedy would be general avoidance to known allergens, or products that you have developed high sensitivity for. By limiting contact to such allergens, you can effectively eliminate the need for any forms of treatments.

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