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Dukan Diet Oat Bran – Attack Phase

Dukan Diet Oat Bran – Attack Phase

What is the Dukan diet? Many people have heard about this diet but many of them don’t know what it is exactly. The Dukan is the program that is invented or created by Pierre Dukan, a French physician than have more than 10 years treat or help obese people. Four steps should dieters do to get a successful diet.

They have to take the:

  • attack phase,
  • cruise phase,
  • consolidation phase
  • stabilization phase.

The Dukan Diet phases

Some people that have done this diet will say that the first phase, attack phase is the hardest. The attack phase is also known as a phase to reduce fat. Your food choices are limited. You should choose the foods or recipes that are approved to make this diet successfully. Dukan diet oat bran recipes can be your choice.

What is bran oat?

Oat bran is recommended to have for the Dukan diet recipes Some people may not know oat bran is. Bran is the hard outer layer of grain. The grain can be from rice, corn, wheat and of course oat. So it can be said that oat bran is produced from the hard outer layer of the oat grain.  Oat bran is one of the foods to have when you are in a diet program. Oat bran is rich in dietary fibre that contains important quantities of protein, vitamins, and also dietary minerals. Now you understand that‘s why Dukan diet oat bran recipes to be had.

If you never eat oat bran, you will say no right away when you have to consume oat bran recipes. Well, you are completely wrong. Oat bran is very delicious ecoslim. You can mix oat bran with yoghurt, cottage cheese and even hot cereal to have your breakfast. Oat bran is also delicious to make muffins, crust, cookies, and also pancakes. Hmm….Pancakes! Everybody loves pancakes.  You can make all those foods by yourself at home to make you easier to control what kinds of food you eat. You can access Dukan diet bran pancake recipe, Dukan diet oat bran cookies or other Dukan diet recipes in the site.

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