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Decrease Cellulite By Using These Anti-Cellulite Diet Recommendations

Decrease Cellulite By Using These Anti-Cellulite Diet Recommendations

Nothing can be more disheartening than working your butt off to lose weight only to find that your skin is still full of cellulite. You may feel as if you have failed; however, remember that you have done everything right. One thing you should also remember is that even thin women who do not even have to diet to stay thin will experience cellulite. Everyone knows that commonality does not make the trait desirable but a cellulite diet can help get rid of it.

How to get rid of cellulite?

If you want to get rid of cellulite, you need to know why those unwanted and sometimes embarrassing dimples appear in the first place. There are usually three things that cause cellulite to appear. These include dehydrated skin, excessive fat stores and broken down collagen. A cellulite diet remains to be the best way to get rid of this unwanted bulge.

How water can help to lose cellulite?

Your main focus daily is to drink lots of water. When your skin is properly hydrated it will be soft and plump, which at first sounds like a bad thing. But generally, plump skin will be able to hide any bulges caused by fat stored underneath. Eight cups of water each day are recommended. Foods with high water content can help you reach that eight glass per day goal instead of focusing just on drinking water. Foods that can serve this purpose are grapes and cucumbers.

But you cannot just hydrate those fat stores away. Quick fat storage foods are items that should be avoided. White pasta, bread and other white carbohydrates are foods that easily get converted to fat. Another name for these is refined carbohydrates. Regardless of what they are called, you need to avoid them. Eating these foods will immediately cause blood sugar to spike and will encourage the extra energy from the food to be converted to stored fat. This does not mean that you have to give up carbohydrates. Instead, you should make wiser bread choices and choose whole grains whenever possible. With whole grains, the blood sugar spike is avoided and they will more likely be used as energy rather than stored for later.

Exercise and cellulite

Do not forget regular exercise. Collagen is of high importance during your cellulite diet and it should be taken care of to remain in healthy condition. When it loses its elasticity and tightness, the skin will start revealing bumps and dimples from any fat stores hidden underneath. Fruits and vegetables can provide the vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain collagen production and preserve skin strength. Obtaining healthy skin and eliminating cellulite will also help you get heart healthy. 

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