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Jano Boxer THE REWARDS Surely you're wondering about what benefits you'll be getting for your contribution, and, in addition to feeling good after making the hearts of two young entrepreneurs very happy, we thought that we should give something back to you as a way of saying thank you, so here are the rewards to your kindness. Rewards Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, we will be in touch with you in order to get your shipping details, the items and sizes that you want to get. Only during the campaign will it be possible to acquire customizable packs, that is, if the reward of 5 units was chosen, you could choose between 5 of our different designs, but you will not be able to get this pack after the campaign ends, so choose the reward wisely!. We are going to be using social media such as Facebook and Instagram which allows us to publish information about the company and its products. Elba is carrying out the fun part, she is the photographer and the main designer of the underwear, although sometimes we have worked together to come up with ideas for the designs. Moustache's underwear?

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