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5 useful tips for cooking with Dukan diet

5 useful tips for cooking with Dukan diet

Perhaps, for an experimented cook, these tips are a little bit basic, but when I began to cook Dukan recipes, the fact that you aren’t allowed to cook with oil, butter, flour, etc. has made some recipes to end up in the trash… so if I had known some of these tips, it would have been better.

  • First Tip 

How can I cook with no oil and no fats and that the food won’t stick to the pan?

the first choice) Use baking paper. It’s a thick paper, that is used to avoid sticking food to glass trays. Then, we can add a few drops of oil under the paper, just between the pan and the baking paper, and food on top. It lasts a few minutes without sticking the food on the pan.
the second choice) Pre-cook in the microwave. Put the food at maximum power a few minutes, until we see that it is almost cooked. Then, we can do the first choice, or cook the food in the pan without the baking paper, only 2 or 3 minutes.
the third choice) Adding water instead of oil or butter. If we know that the food it’s going to stick to the pan, if we add a little of water, (1 or 2 tablespoons), you will have ‘extra’ time to cook the food. The water will evaporate and you’ll get enough time to get the food cooked.

  • Second Tip

Why do I add enough sweetener and the dessert gets bitter?

Well, if you add a lot of sweeteners, that makes the food bitter, because of using too much sweetener. We have to respect the indications, most of the sweeteners have some directions ( for example 1 sweetener tablespoon is like 2 tablespoons of sugar, or 10ml. of sweetener is like 100ml. of sugar, etc. ). Don’t be lazy, and if you have to use the calculator, just do it!.
Remember that not all the sweeteners are suitable to cook in the oven. Read the label of the sweetener, and make sure you can use it in the oven, microwave… because if it’s not, you won’t sweeten any recipe.

  • Third tip

Why sometimes some sponge cakes looks like wet inside?

Cooking isn’t an exact science, and if you want to learn, you must practise more. And doing that, I found that some sponge cakes looked like wet inside, although the sponge looked fabulous outside. And I realized that the best way to improve these sponge cakes is to cut the cake into pieces, and put in the highest position in the oven and activate the grill option, it will extract the excess of water in the sponge cake.

  • Fourth Tip

The meals without oil or sauces aren’t tasty!

The secret is the spices, and discover new light sauces, very light sauces, like for example the Dukan garlic Vinaigrette. For example, when I do sponge cakes, I use to add lemon or orange zest; and when I cook meat or fish, I use to add a big variety of spices (oregano, thyme, Rosemary, Provencal herbs, garlic, etc.). With the Dukan Diet, you discover new spices that, perhaps, you wouldn’t discover. In my case, I never used curry, and now, one of my favourite recipes is ‘Chicken and eggplant with curry sauce and cheese‘.


  • Fifth Tip

Cooking ONCE the family meals

Yes, we are on the Dukan diet, but the rest of your family isn’t! Does this mean that we have to cook twice? Well, the most important is to plan the weekly family menu. There are a lot of Dukan recipes suitable for a perfectly healthy diet, for example, the PV recipes of the cruise phase. The solution is to divide the food into two phases, I mean, if for example we are going to cook chicken breast with veggies, what we can do, I to make grilled chicken (with no oil or fat) for all the family, but for example, cook the veggies with no oil for us, but add 2 tablespoon of oil to prepare the rest of the family portions. That way, we’ll have a light meal, and our family will enjoy an equilibrated healthy meal. And for example, add a bread portion for them, but make a Dukan bread for us, adding salt and oregano and without using the sweetener, for example. And for example, add a bread portion for them, but make a Dukan bread for us, adding salt and oregano and without using the sweetener, for example

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